Best time to roof your home in Albany NY

Three major factors dictate when is the best time of year to install a new roof on your Albany home.

  1. Temperature & Weather
  2. Materials used
  3. Availability of a professional roofing contractor

Temperature & Weather

For the sake of discussion in this article I am going to assume that roofing shingles of asphalt or some type of fiberglass composite shingles are being used. These types of roofing shingles make up the majority of the market in NYS.

Most roofing contractors would like to see minimum temperatures in the 50 degree range when installing a new roof. The threat of snow and ice make it difficult to work with materials and adhesives on shingles don’t set up well. Not to mention that working on an icy roof is dangerous.

The rainy season of early spring is also not the best time, with high winds and thunder storms picking up on shingles before they have a chance to set up.

Late spring, summer and fall are the ideal times for full replacements. The weather is stable, there are fewer rain storms and the temperatures are ideal for the ice guard to adhere and shingles getting well set.

Availability of a professional Albany roofing contractor at the prime times is where things get tricky. If you are doing a complete reroof with tear off you almost have to wait for a stretch of deceit weather. But any roofer worth his/her salt can do a repair if necessary to secure your roof until the optimum time arrives.

I had a new roof of architectural shingles installed in the dead of winter during a stretch of sunny days a few years back with no problems. But, the roofer came with a crew of six and had the entire roof completed in one day. The roofing material was dark and absorbed enough sun for the adhesives to set. It was a bit risky, but we did have a good stretch of sunny weather and the roof was a new build.

Bottom line, late spring to mid fall are the best conditions to complete a roofing job in Albany, but with the right roofing contractor and a bit of good weather it can be done almost anytime.