Common Roofing Problems in Albany NY

Albany roofing problems are common for property owners. The climate in this part of New York can be extreme. From hot, humid summers to freezing, snow-filled winters, the area brings weather that challenges even the best of rooftops. Owning a home requires constant attention to maintenance and repair. The roof serves such a vital function in protecting your family that diligence is necessary to ensure that the roof is doing its job.

Homeowners should plan to periodically inspect their roof so that any small damage may be spotted before it turns into a major repair. Albany roofing contractors offer roof inspections for homeowners to check that extreme weather hasn’t damaged it. A yearly inspection by a roofing company in Albany will help you stay on top of any damage or other issues needing attention.

Albany Roofing Problems

When Albany roofers inspect your roof, they will be looking for common problems such as:

Shingle Damage – curled or torn shingles may allow rain or moisture into your home. Cracks in the shingles also leads to leaks.

Missing Shingles – if any part of your rooftop has a loose or missing shingle, these must be replaced in order to keep leaks from causing structural damage.

Interior Ceiling Spots – roof leaks may lead to water spots inside your home on the ceiling or upper portion of walls. Without prompt attention, further damage can lead to major repair bills.

Spots or Streaks – the roof may have streaks or spots in green or black. These are caused by mold and mildew. The discoloration often means there is a leak somewhere in the roof, and inspection of attic and ceilings will usually also find the same spots as well.

Most roofs are designed to last from 10 to 25 years. Older homes may need a completely new roof while other buildings may only require a partial re-roof or repair. Albany roofing contractors are experts at finding roof leaks and then repairing the roof in accordance with family budgets.