Storm Inspections

Weather damage can encompass much more than just visible wear and tear. Some residual damage may not even be noticeable to the naked eye. Hence storm inspectors are important in maintaining a structurally sound roof.

Don’t fool yourself and assume the cause of your roof damage has to be something obvious. A serious issue does not have to be something you can see. A raging wind is all it really takes to scrape the surface of a roof and turn it into a Quidditch hoop.

After a storm has struck your town, it is highly recommended that you go examine the roof for any signs of leakage, missing shingles, as well as any dents or cracks if it was a hailstorm. It’s also highly recommended you don’t climb on the housetop; an adult’s body weight could accelerate existing damage and may even cause injury due to a fall.

However, as stated above, damage doesn’t have to be easy visible to be a problem. So how can one be sure to evaluate roof damage properly? That’s where an inspector comes in.

Also keep in mind, most insurance companies won’t compensate for the most visible signs of damage. So save yourself the debt and call a professional roofing contractor to handle the repairs.