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Signs of moss & algae growth

The average humidity in Buffalo NY is 72.4 percent a month. That’s more than enough to drain the energy right out of the human body. Rooftops have a similar vulnerability; a tremendous amount of moisture can easily minimize its endurance. The surface can rapidly wear down and crumble into dust. This is extremely difficult to […]

Roofing and the Environment in Albany

The impact of roofing systems on energy costs is often overlooked but can be significant. Insufficient roof insulation allows heat to easily escape. In the winter, this means higher heating costs; the same is true for summer months. Heat is gained easily through the roof, which in turn increases electrical demand to cool the building. […]

Albany Roofing Materials: What Makes Sense

Your roof is the most important part of your house. It acts as the gateway to bigger damage to your home when it’s not in good condition. In the event of destructive weather, such as wind or hail, your roof will be the first part of your home to be damaged. The condition of your […]

Best time to roof your home in Albany NY

Three major factors dictate when is the best time of year to install a new roof on your Albany home. Temperature & Weather Materials used Availability of a professional roofing contractor Temperature & Weather For the sake of discussion in this article I am going to assume that roofing shingles of asphalt or some type of […]

Common Roofing Problems in Albany NY

Albany roofing problems are common for property owners. The climate in this part of New York can be extreme. From hot, humid summers to freezing, snow-filled winters, the area brings weather that challenges even the best of rooftops. Owning a home requires constant attention to maintenance and repair. The roof serves such a vital function […]

Albany Roofing Basics

Getting a new roof in Albany doesn’t happen frequently. Whether you’re re-roofing or building a new home with a new roof, it is important to know and understand a thing or two about roofs. Here are some basic facts of not only what they do, but how you can maintain a quality roof that covers […]