Winterizing Your Roof

There’s a reason for the newly-coined phrase, “snow-pocalypse.” No one’s conceived a term so daunting for any other season. That’s because winter is, by far, the most intense and transformative season of all. With it comes raging winds and burying precipitation; anything out in the open world is bound to be piled under snow.

Your roof takes a tougher beating than just about anything else because it’s the first line of defense against the cruel forces of nature. And being on the Hudson shore, the Albany area can expect rapid piles of snow any year. Fortunately though, there are a few simple ways to at least slow down the stress on falling on you house.

To keep your roof strong and reliable for many harsh winters to come, you’ll need to evaluate both the interior and the exterior of the house. Here’s a specific checklist:

  • Make sure your exterior pipes are clear so fluids can freely move throughout.
  • Ensure you have a solid insulation system. This will keep you comfortable inside and the roof ice-free. If you’re not sure what insulation settings are best for you, a roofing contractor can help you make a determination.
  • A heavy sheet of snow means extreme gravity for an overhead tree branch. Cut any branches hanging over the house before they collapse and damage the roof’s surface.
  • Loose, lost, and worn pieces of roof are rather complicated to handle; repairs and replacement require specialized equipment. So when the surface is blemished, leave it up to a professional roofer.